About wax classical

You’ve heard of waxing poetic? This blog is a space for me to wax poetic about classical music; hence the name “wax classical.”

I feel compelled to share my love of music. I want to express what it means to me personally as well as the emotional, psychological, spiritual, educational, and social value it possesses. I want to advocate for music, especially the symphony orchestra and the programs that make them possible such as elementary, middle, and high school choirs, orchestras, and bands. I want to break down the barriers that people have to experiencing music the way I and many others have.

As an educator, my philosophy is to develop in students a life-long participation and appreciation of music, and in so doing, skills that will promote their success in other domains. I desire to see schools take a holistic approach, making music a relevant part of all areas of education, not just performing arts. English literature, history, religion, philosophy, science, and even math are not separate subjects from music. These subjects inform music appreciation and participation. I intend to use as many of these subjects in my writing and teaching as possible.

The goal for this online publication is to write about music and see if I can sustain it over time. While my big idea is to write a multimedia eBook that educates and advocates for Classical music, I need to find out if this is a form of musical expression that suits me. I need to see if I can find my writer’s voice and develop my own style. I need to know if what I have to contribute is worthwhile. Actually, I’m not sure if I care if that matters. I have far too much enthusiasm not to write.

My audience may include my family, friends, students and fellow educators. If none of you read this, that’s ok. I’m happy to hear your feedback, but this will be an experimental space.

Subjects will include what I have discussed above, but mainly I want to write about my favorite pieces of music. Most of these will be music written for orchestra, choir, and band. Most of them will be in the romantic era of Western Music, though I have some modern works and tunes by jazz and rock artists I’d like to discuss as well.


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